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O site OPELINK foi atualizado desde 9 de maio de 2018.
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A rede de fibra é uma parte vital para o Stoke-on-Trent se tornar uma "cidade Gigabit"
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Opelink – The fiber optic products manufacturer of choice

If you are looking for advanced technologies to transmit data, we’ve got you covered. Opelink is an established Chinese fiber optic manufacturer with years of experience crammed into top-notch cabling solutions. With our products, you have no other choice but to benefit from better bandwidth and higher-speed data transmission. We pack these with pinpoint accuracy, regardless of the distance, and extra reliability for indoor and outdoor applications.
At Opelink, we take pride in our extensive market coverage in China and beyond. We’ve already gained the reputation of one of the most forward-thinking optic fiber manufacturers among our returning customers from Russia, Brazil, the USA, France, and other countries. Our business and products are synonymous with a world of new opportunities to enjoy the fastest connection ever.

What stands behind Opelink as your fiber optic products supplier?

By investing in high-end optical fiber networks, you drive the unprecedented development of your business. This decision will save you loads of money on data transmission, connectivity, and communications system performance. Let Opelink be the guide to your success.
Here is why you will benefit when choosing us as your fiber optic products supplier:
● Professional assistance. Our employees will answer all your questions regarding optic fibers before and after the purchase. Contact us from 9:00 a.m. to midnight (Beijing time).
● Proven quality. Owing to rigorously controlled production processes, we ensure the effective resistance of our fiber optic products to numerous risks associated with outdoor and indoor uses.
● Safe delivery. Your parcel will arrive undamaged, no matter the location. Our pearl wool packaging, weather-proof boxes, and polyethylene film covering will guarantee that.
Opt for our cabling solutions to get the best products for less. You are also welcome to come and see our facilities in Shenzhen!